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A Wiki for the dungeons and dragons podcast Carpe DM, keeping track of characters and theories!

About Carpe DMEdit

Carpe DM is a sci-fi/fantasy dungeons and dragons podcast that is DMed by Nate (@charadreemurr on tumblr)(they/them) and has three players: Roddy/Varian (@variian on tumblr)(he/him), James (@tracer-is-gay on tumblr)(he/they), and Knives (@magehand on tumblr)(any pronouns). They play NPCs, Vigil(he/him), Lliana(she/they), and Dee(she/they) respectively. The podcast is lgbt+ inclusive and has canonically confirmed racially diverse characters. Episodes can be found at and transcripts, when finished, can be found @carpedmtranscripts on tumblr. The official blog is @carpedmpodcast on tumblr.

Carpe DM is using 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Latest activityEdit

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